The republican party has become nothing more than...?

...uneducated people having their fears of a world they don't understand... ...used against them by rich people so they can get elected in order to pass tax cuts for themselves to the benefit of no one but themselves. And also, a few educated people who, for some reason, are still stupid enough to delude themselves into believing this is not the case because they either hate Mexicans or are have gun fetishes and not still not smart enough that the rich people are only in favor of those things to con those people as well. Tax cuts for the righ and whatever they have to do to get them is the real GOP agenda.

The Taxpayer

Really? Have you seen all the racist idiots now in the DNC? How do you like to do your infanticide these days? Head bashing? Lethal drug?


Trump has added 5 million jobs to the U.S economy, The GDP growing 4% per quarter, , isis has lost 89% of thier territory, and Foxconn is building a 10 billion dollar plant in Wisconsin. They gonna start making big screens in the U.S again like the zenith days


Thanks for the two points, dumbass.




ok, i agree, but what's your question? do you not understand how to use yahoo answers?


See, this is the issue today, you have bought into the talking points, the lies repeated over and over again. When one can clearly see that they are not true.


I'm educated, and have a very good job. How about you?