Does it bother anti-whites knowing the English, Polish and Russians have their own cultures but blacks and Mestizos don't?


Ominous Cowherd

Well, does it bother you? There's your first data point. How is Tel Aviv this time of year?


Another idiot climbing up on his internet soap box and shouting to the cosmos....look at me, look how idiotic I am..check out this yahoo answers question I am asking. Am I not the king of stupid?


everybody has a culture . what are you talking about ? are you Russian GRU ?


Does not bother me I am white don't feel superior to other people like you. A lot of White Americans and White English people seem to be getting more and more racist since Brexit and Trump.




That is why Russians hate blacks and mestizos. Everyone should know that by now.


Aren't you supposed to be in mother's basement Xbox gamer homeschool?


No because you're a racist who likes to make crap up. Seriously, I cannot imagine being such a failure in life that the ONLY thing I have going for me is that my shade of skin that I was born with is a lighter shade than other people's.


It truly does. The only thing blacks have given this world is peanut butter.


please tell everyone you support Trump


No, regressive fantasies are always good for a laugh


Is it true that ignorance is bliss???


in your uneducated opinion

SMH Corp

Your use of the term "anti-whites" only tells me that you have nothing of value to say.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Do the Polish really have their own culture? They barely existed as a country and through out history spent most of their time taking it up the butt from Prussia, Russia, the Ukraine and even Lithuania. Their culture seems mostly to be about whining how someone mean conquered them again. For that matter, look at how little the Russians did for themselves, other than conquering the Ukraine and stealing their culture.