Why do conservatives try to label liberals anti-white instead of admitting they're racist?


Moon Shot

I do admit liberals are racist. Why do you ask?


Conservatives admit that liberals are racist, Bobbie Byrd, Al Sharpton, Northam, Louis Farrakhan, Hollywood Democrats, and the rest. Why don't you admit liberals hate every race not just Whites?

The Game

democrat poster boy Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan called for a separate state for Black Americans in an Instagram video posted on Thursday, saying that’s “what God wants” while those opposed he described as “slaves.” Farrakhan, who in recent months has made numerous anti-Semitic comments, made his call for a nation-state separate from white America in response to the question whether it’s still his and the group’s goal.

Liberals sequester from fact

Wow, you went out on a doltish limb for that hogwash.


OK, libs are racists TOO!! HAPPY ???

Doc Awesome

I agree, all democrats are racist. That is the only explanation for their defense of Northam.

Raisin Caine

You call people racist for wearing MAGA hats without knowing anything about them. You are not anti-white, you are just INSANE. You have TDS which seems to prohibit rational thought. Not only that, but your INSANITY is going to cause Trump to be re-elected and you will have no one but yourselves to blame. Trump's popularity is extremely low for a president, but you know what polls lower??? 1.) Calling all Trump supporters, racists. 2.) Third trimester abortion with 81% of the US AGAINST it. 3.) Infanticide. 4.) Nancy Pelosi And Medicare for all? It gets wide support UNTIL. You tell people that their wait times will increase and/or their taxes will increase and their support flips entirely. Guess what? You literally can not come up with a plan for Medicare for all that does not increase taxes.


They don't want to admit their shortcomings


One definition of racism is stereotyping an entire race. That's what liberals do to whites. They also like to prevent them from achieving their true potential. AND they've made it socially acceptable to violently attack them. Gee, a conservative saying they disagree with mass immigration and affirmative action is worse exactly HOW?


Liberals sure seem happy about white people becoming a minority. They think only whites are racist. They claim whites have no culture or morals. Sounds pretty anti-white to me. Liberals even said the Las Vegas shooting victims deserved to die because they were white country fans and most likely Trump supporters.


cons are limited by their tribal thinking and they think like children. instead of admitting their ancestors were wrong they try to claim their ancestors were democrats. Just look at their incredibly stupid answers here. It's funny they don't realize they are only making themselves look bad.


Nazi and KKK are not a race. You could argue that they are religions, but I would counter that they are cults.

The Taxpayer

conservatives don't label anybody. It's the liberals who are labeling everybody...many on this site are posers.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Because what they want isn't to just be labeled as the people who speak against tolerance, multi-culturalism, or what have you, but to be able to claim to speak for white people. As it is right now, they can only claim to speak for losers who believe in white supremacy which isn't even a majority of Republicans, if you accept Republican claims that voting WS isn't the same as believing in it.


They are cowards