Why do ideas like socialism and intersectionality appeal to males who are effeminate?


Atheist Dude



Something to prove?


How many times you gonna post that picture? The fact that you're posting it means that you searched for it and then saved it onto your computer or device. I'm an actual homosexual and I don't even have anything that gay saved to my computer. You're pathetic.


Like the US military? Which is the largest socialistic organization within the US federal government. Are you calling the Marines effeminate?

Doc Awesome: That dude is every democrat man's fantasy

That dude is every democrat man's fantasy: A boy in a dress.


I've seen real he men cross at an intersection .


Another troll in the pay of the Russian GRU>


As far as I know there is no correlation. Hope that clears things up for you.


it's time you grab the hand lotion and a paper towel and get your gay urges out of your system. We all know you're a closet-gay


I agree with what you said. But you are hilarious.


Because they do not conform to what cons think men should be like. According to cons, as Joe Jackson points out: "Man makes a gun, man goes to war Man can kill and man can drink And man can take a whore."

Spirit of All

You look up these photos because you fantasize about people like this. You are attracted to them. I’m not judging.