How many players will be "busy" during the NE Patriots White House visit?



Last time several didn't go, including Tom Brady.


The majority of them


Who knows, who cares. The NFL is a joke. It wasn't enough to just play football, they had to go Hollywood with all the half-time productions and go political with all the "social Justice" posturing. The entertainment industry, the media, academia -- all in the pocket of the left. Now you can also add the NFL.

Mike L

I doubt they'll be invited. Trump is a fool.

John W

Brady might be the only one to go, and that's a maybe.

The Game

LOL the 57 state loser is still a triggered snowflake


Probably the ones who aren't going to be on the team next year.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

I hear those guys from Boston love a good Hamberder sandwich.


All the ones who don't like hamberders


Depends on how many hypocrites are on the team.


If they don’t go they should be fired. You should be forced to visit the president.

Atheist Dude

All of them will you ask better question next time.

Big One 0909

The patriots front office will make sure that any who are will have Lots and Lots of free time afterward.


Only the stupid ones.