If the console wars were an election who do you think would win?

Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo, I'd vote for Nintendo cause they make quality products and saved the gaming industry hands down and have some of the best characters like Mario


Sony would have my vote.

Dogstar Ascendant

The only winners in that war are the ones charging $80 for a video game.


Given the options Sony is the most popular so they'd likely win because you know, democracy.


You type Kids do NOT help me feel better about the Future of America. When's the last time you actually read a Book? Just curious... Thanks.


Nintendo is garbage. Compared to Xbox and PlayStation they have created absolutely nothing, Mario is outdated and just comes off desperate to stay relevant. The Switch isn't really doing all that well and that means the games for it won't be either. You just can't compete with next gen consoles. I can see Sony and Microsoft merging the next console, cause they're running out of new ideas.

Atheist Dude

Sony 95 Million PS4 . Fact other two especially Nintendo are being outsold month after month. Sony won the Fifth Generation PS1 105 Million consoles Sixth gen PS2 155 Million caught up and won the Seventh gen PS3 95 Million and are winning the Eight gen with 95 Million as of CES 2019 and look set to win the Ninth gen too with PS5 in 2020. 2 dislikes by Xbox and Nindendo fanboys sad jealousy.


N i n t e n d o


Video games are for children and simpletons.