Were libs "triggered" by a smart, capable woman since they said terrible things about Palin the way people are doing now w/ Anorexia-Cortez?



SO it is NOT just Republican v. Democrat women especially Ocasio-Cortez, she is just the latest example....Libs 'believe' in all Democrats, whether nitwits like Al Gore, or off the charts 'smart' Democrats like Prof Gruber. The one thing Democrats believe: If Democrat plans fail it must be the fault of Republicans...Whether these Democrat plans are invented by either Democrat morons, AOC, or Democrat geniuses, Hillary.

They Pelted Us With Rocks And Garbage

Lol You conservatives. You still think some beauty pageant loser with a community college degree is a "smart, capable woman." You love your reality tv show hosts. You really know how to keep the bar low don't you?


"Smart capable woman" has nothing to do with quitter-in-chief, Sarah Palin.

Moon Shot

Liberals think it’s misogynist to attack Democrat women but not Republican women.


You sound even more stupid than she was.

Dogstar Ascendant

Must be a troll, not even her own party thought Palin was either smart or capable.

Spirit of All

No, they have a right to their opinion even if I strongly disagree. Issue?


Cortez is a juvenile joke. WTF were voters actually swayed to pick her? Free this? Free that? Man those voters are just dumb.


Liberals don't care about women. if they did they wouldn't support Islam and sharia law.

Mike L

Palin is a moron. Vapid woman and terrible mom.


Palin is not a smart, capable woman. People spoke the truth about her and cons are lying about Cortez. The conservative mind is out of touch with reality

The Game

lib double standard and hypocrisy in 3,.....2,......1,.....


AOC is a scary looking ditz. If she was that dumb as a Republican, SNL would be trashing her mercilessly, every weekend they would have a segment on her.

Jingoist Jones

Why are you giving AOC attention, do you think this will really make her less popular? Stupid people who say many false things are not automatically disqualified anymore in politics, remember.