I din't have an exciting an memorable childhood, but a boring and tedious one. Can I make up for it in my young adult years?



A person can NEVER make-up for what has already happened. Stop dwelling on it and move on.


yes, but don't do that by doing bad things.


If you have to ask, maybe not.


Isn’t childhood boring for most people? You can’t do anywhere, do anything. That makes it boring

John P

You, and ten thousand others, if they are honest!


Yesssss... dude... go to a strip club! Do dangerous and exiting thigs like bungee jumping or sex with a hoker. If it's worth losing your life, hire a escort. Go out with your buddies! Don't have friends? Drink till everyone looks like a buddy!

Walking Corpse

I was the same way. A small yard with nothing in it and a small plastic pinball machine and some action figures to play with. You sure can but I will warn you that everything exciting takes money. Unless you have a vivid and huge imagination and find hobbies to do. I used to but ever since I took anti-psychotics and anti-depressants I've felt very dull.