My parents won’t let me go to a dance because of my grades and think that i don’t deserve it?


retired old sarge

good. now get in your room and study..


Welcome to the world of actions have consequences.


Their with it.


Tell your parents that you need help studying.

Pat Wooden

Your question should not be "Is it fair?" but "How can I improve my grades?" Until you get your head into that frame of mind, you're setting yourself up for more punishments. I suggest you hit the books harder unless you want to be banned from future activities. If you need help studying, tell your parents. (Not the answer you wanted, but the one you probably need).


Did you try


I know it seems harsh and unreasonable, but you need to remember your parents are in charge


You don’t. Get your grades up and your parents will let you go to the next dance. They’re trying to teach you a lesson.


There were times that I was punished for my grades (way back when). I hated my mom for it, but now that I'm on my own and married, I know that she did it so that I could become a better person. Boost your grades up and you'll be able to do more things, like go to a dance, or go out with friends. It's a simple punishment with a simple solution.


Hun try get ur grades up and they’ll probs change thief minds. It depends why there down aswell cuz if u speak a lot and don’t get work done then u kinda do in a way. I get how u feel I’m in highschool and have parties 2 go 2 to. Just start thinking about how to get ur grades up


Yeah, sometimes it's so hard to get parents. But this link should help your parents to understand you a little better. Check it out and then chat with your parents:[search_id]=4167962a-3e6d-4e70-a36b-1191c0a86c09&insight[search_result_index]=3


Good to know, thanks.


Tell your parents that you need help studying.


I tried getting good grades


You don't deserve it.


It is what it is, baby. Besides, you're lucky even having the option. 😄 We weren't allowed except for prom.


Okay. Sounds like you should be doing more studying then.


Sneak out