What are the chances of being pregnant?

I was having sex and we did not realise the condom was broken so after he came he realised it was. I then took a plan b pill 40 minutes after, I am really scared


Likely to late for the pill to do anything as it is there to fool the body into not setting itself up for pregnancy. If your body was already set up to get pregnant then it was too late to take a pill after sex. My understanding you have about a one in six chance of any sex getting you pregnant but of course that means you could be pregnant on the first time. Adult sex fun comes with adult risks and responsibilities and too many teenagers think it is a game for them to play and don't really consider the consequences until something like this happens.


That depends on what you did. The chances of me being pregnant is zero


Variės based on the fmale not evry woman of repro age is the same as I can not find any info via the intėrnėt.


congratulations its a girl, have you though of a name yet ?? and what are you going to tell your mum and dad, I wouldn't want to hear that conversation