Would it be too soon to ask her out?

I’m friends with this girl that somewhat recently broke up with her boyfriend of four years. I don’t know much about it other than it was over two months ago, it was messy, and it’s for sure over. Since then her and I have been spending a lot of time together. We know each other from school and friends so it’s different now that it’s just us two together. We’ve talked about things and it’s been us mostly getting to know each other more than just “friends of friends”. Our most recent hang out was at a school basketball game and dinner after. To date she hasn’t mentioned her boyfriend and she hasn’t invited anyone else to our hangouts. I’ve avoided doing anything because I’m still not sure if she likes me or if it’s too soon. Is it? We have Valentine’s Day coming up and I’m really unsure of what to next. Help.


yes but take it slowly. Forget about Valentines day right now, maybe just go for a coffee somewhere, or even just a walk


You can always ask, and if she agrees keep it low key and low pressure. Like if she agrees to do something for V-day with you, don't overwhelm her with a dozen roses and a stuffed teddy and all that. A single rose or small arrangement can be a lot more meaningful than a big dramatic display. Just keep it casual, and if she wants something more she'll let you know.


It wouldn’t hurt to try. Two years ago I broke up with a guy I was dating for three years and two weeks after the break up I was talking to someone new. Two weeks after that we started dating. Two years later and were still together.