Why do parents only notice the bad things we do and never acknowledge the good things we do?



Sometimes parents don't praise when you do good things or feel that they don't need to correct anything, but that doesn't mean they don't notice, just not thinking of needing to voice it out. It would be a good suggestion for you to voice your feelings out about liking to be acknowledge on good things. Sharing your feelings and your thoughts of how you feel about this, will let your parents know that you like to be acknowledged, and vise versa, when your parents are good to you, other than saying thank you, let them know you are acknowledging them too, be the example too. Parents are not perfect, but if you let parents know, then they will understand you better.


Not true. There are parents who notice the good and the bad not just the bad.


All parents don't do that. Those who do are not very good at parenting IMO.


Do you do good things?


My parents brag about me and my sister all the time. If we do something bad, they act like it never happened


I have no idea we may find out when we are parents though we don't need praising for everything good especially if we are like 17 like me