Are there still orphanages in the USA?



No, they were replaced by foster homes. Some older kids or very troubled ones go into transitional homes where they are teaching them to live on their own.


Yes, but they are not called orphanages, they are more often called group homes. My church Sunday School class gives to one for Christmas. It's actually a home for teens and young adults. It's one of the few that let's you stay even after the age of 18. Sadly many teens age out of the foster care system at 18 and end up homeless. This group home let's you stay as long you are working and in school. Some group homes are state funded and others are run by organizations.


Yes, there are. They are less common than in years past but do still exist. Most are now smaller and called "group homes", but they try to place children in foster homes instead.




Yes, but they are no longer called orphanages. They are state run, run by DCS, and if a kid is in one. They don't stand a chance.


Yes there are


yes there are thousands open