If triplets are placed in the foster system, will they be separated?

I’m just wondering what happens to multiple kids who are siblings when they’re placed in the system. If they’re old enough and have a good relationship with each other but are not able to find a home that will house all three of them, do they get separated anyway?


The adoption agency/foster care will do their best to keep the siblings together, but it doesn't always end up that way.


In the United States, effort is made to keep siblings together.


Country? City?


Contact an adoption lawyer and your local county court.


A lot of them unfortunately do get separated, regardless of age and/or relationship to one another. It is rarer to find someone who is willing to foster or adopt multiple siblings and at the end of the day their goal is to find them a loving home.


most likely. why would you put them in a foster system?


Didja read whatcha wrote? Read it.


depends where they are joined at