My biological family adopted me but kicked me out of the house at 18 years old...what do I do?

they put me in a homeless shelter during the summer before college started

Surreal Black Hole

Join the military. Food, shelter and a lot of respect from most civilians.


Find a job and support yourself.


welcome to life, get a job ,


Have u got a friend who would let u stay or maybe a family member if so live with them for a bit and try and get a good job and get some money and buy your own house even if it’s small it’ll only be for a while but don’t do things like become a prostitute if u ur a girl

Pascal the Gambler

Find another place t live I guess.


get a job


Sorry to hear of your predicament, however , I think that you must admit that they may have had good reason to kick you out. When you live under someone else's roof, you are supposed to abide by THEIR rules, not your own. If you don't want to do this, then your present situation is the correct one. Make up your mind what you want. Pleasing yourself IS NOT AN OPTION. You cannot have your pie and still eat it you know.


Babykins, since you are an adult you are free to live anywhere and do anything you want. The best revenge is to make a great success of yourself.


Find your own place