How to soothe a 14 month old?

I swear i have done every single thing i read online,books and what friends tell me to do that suppose to work or help. She been fed,diaper changed,bathe and has all my attention if im not busy with cleaning around. She sleeps or cslms down when i hold her but i mean i have stuff that needs to get done. When she goes to sleep i put her to bed but she wakes up and cries. I let her cry for 5 mins hoping she will self soothe but she doesnt so I hold her again and it just happens like this over and over again. she went to her doctor yesterday and she told me she is teething. She wont take teething stuff she likes her hands more then anything. What other stuff can i do? Husband works a lot and when he is home he helps but the 10 hours a day that I am alone I want to know what tips do people have to soothe a 14 month old?

Rick B

Hmmmm. Everytime she cries, you pick her up and hold her. I wonder why she cries??? Five minutes is not going to do it. If she is safe, clean, fed, and warm, then let her cry until she goes to sleep. It may take several times (depending on her will) but she will eventually figure out that crying at bedtime does not work.

Sweet pea

When my toddler is fussy I usually take him somewhere or out for a walk. It changes the mood and provides a good distraction. 30 minutes before nap/sleep I give motrin for teething. I know it is hard to get things done and it sucks but I usually have to catch up on things on Saturdays when my husband is home to look after the baby.


Let her cry through it. If you constantly keep picking her up, she will never learn to content herself. If you have things to do, go do them, stopping once in a while to let her see you. She will know you are there, but will realize that you will not be picking her up just because she is crying for you to, and will soon learn to keep herself occupied until you get back to her.


Wa in the same boat! I ve come to the conclusion that her digestive tract is bothering her. I decided to try Babies Magic Tea. So far it has worked great at calming my baby so she can sleep. She is 6 weeks old and we have been using tea in expressed milk once or twice a day for a couple of weeks. She usually burps within a few minutes and calms down.


use baby orajel on her gums. it does help. they hate it though ..........My daughter didn`t sleep longer than 10 minutes before she was up and crying. That lasted until she was almost 3, then I finally got some sleep


Take her out side for a walk.Since songs.Play games= Hide and seek , it's bitsy spider ,wheels on the bus and so any more.She can play with blocks and dolls. This will help you :