Why do people still circumcise their new born baby boys?



For hygiene and cosmetic reasons, nobody wants a dirty ugly penis and it’s less traumatic to get it done BEFORE they will remember it


god said to


Circumcision was formerly practiced in all English-speaking nations. It has just about died out everywhere except the United States. It is kept alive in the United States by medical doctors (especially the AAP), and by hospitals, all of which derive large profits from performing a medically-unnecessary, injurious amputation.


The covenant with God.


Religion Cleanness reasons That is just what they believe is best Because they or their partner is


It's a pedophile thing to do apparently the rabbi sucks their dick after its done. Not joking either Google it

Elyse Rose

Makes for cleaner family jewels.


It's largely cultural, either religious or because it's considered "normal." But parents in Western countries are becoming more informed on how generally unnecessary circumcision is for most boys, and rates are falling as a result.


Money, familiarity, and misinformation. It's pushed heavily by some doctors who get paid to do the snip. Americans are used to it being the norm. And it's still widely thought to be healthier or cleaner.


the jews no, really, I mean it ...but i always mean it when I say that, after all.


Religion. And it used to be thought of as hygienic in much of the U.S. until maybe 20 years ago. The majority of American males are circumcised. A lot of American females tell me they don't like foreskin.. go figure.

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its proven to be more healthy for both guys and gals..........crazy not too


So they can make penis creams to put on their face.