Would it hurt more to give birth being an older woman at age 35 or older?



no. each pregnancy and birthing experience is different, regardless of age..


No. In fact, in my experience (which is not meant to be indicative of all laboring women), the older a patient is, the better they tolerate pain.


No, because age 35 is not too old or even older still.


No, it would not.


No;; it doesn't,and the amount of pain she feels has nothing to do with a woman's age. "Pain" is relative, and the perception of pain is often determined by what a person EXPECTS to feel. A 20-year-old woman giving birth might feel that she was experiencing a great deal of pain; but an older woman might not - or vice versa. The amount of "pain" a woman experiences is always going to be different for each individual woman and for each delivery - regardless of her age.

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I don't know if it hurts more. I do know that the older a woman gets, the higher the chance of the baby girl/baby boy being born with a disease like autism or Down syndrome.