Can parents kicked out you out the day you graduate high school. Or is the day after you graduated high school.?


Elaine M

What did you do that would require that? Maybe it's time to look at your life closer.

John P

Depends on the law where you are.


Why would this be necessary? In most parent child relationships, its not typical for the parents to force the child to move out upon high school graduation. Or even at age 18. What is more expected is for that child to seek work to help support himself (and possibly the family if necessary). Many parents would expect that their child would move forward into college after HS graduation. What circumstances would have a normal family kicking their child out?


Depends on where you live. Even in the US, it varies. 17 and graduated from high school in some states, 18 in some, 18 and graduated from high school in others, minimum of 19 in a few. In Mississippi the age of majority is 21.




A lot of students graduate at age 17. So neither.