How can i convince my dad to let me buy a Kawasaki Ninja 500r?


Been There, Done That.

You can't. he doesn't want to have to bury you. When you're a big boy, you can do whatever you want.


There is no way I could convince your dad to get a Ninja 500 -- it can do 100mph in a starting quarter mile, can go nearly 120mph down main street. Assuming you are under 18, there is no need for you to go on freeways, no need for you to go over 60mph. Speed is not the problem, stopping is. You do not know the experience to know how far it takes to stop at high speed. You start with a pedal bicycle. Tell dad that you are riding your pedal bicycle on the streets, in traffic, and you have trouble keeping up with speed of traffic. Once he understands that you are *already* riding a two-wheeler, then you can try to get motorized. Ask if dad will accept a 30 mph 50cc "moped." If he does... Try for a Vespa 50 that can do 40 mph. If he accepts that... Try for a 125cc motor-scooter that can do 55 mph. If he accepts that... Try for a SYM Wolf 150 that can do 65 mph. etc..


Hopefully he has a lot of life insurance on you.


He will probably buy you a Honda Zoomer. A Ninja? NFW.


Move out. Get a job. Take a professional training course. Buy the kit. Buy the bike.


You can't. he doesn't want to have to bury you. When you're a big boy, you can do whatever you want.


How old are you and where do you intend to get the money to buy a Kawasaki Ninja 500r? Why do you even want one? That model bike hasn't been manufactured since 2009, All you could find for sale would be a 10-year-old used bike. If you're at least 18 years of age, you don't have to "convince" your dad to let you buy one. You can buy one yourself, assuming you have the money to pay for it, and that you have a license to ride a motorcycle and that you can afford to insure it. A Kawasaki 500 is a very powerful and fast bike. Unless you're a very experienced and skilled rider, you could kill yourself on that thing.


Let him borrow your girlfriend for an hour. Or try taking him down to the dealership to see one. Men have a natural affinity for machines, and when he sees your bike, he will be more likely to let you buy one. At the moment he is visualising a snarling 2000bhp death machine waiting to take his one and only son to an early grave, but seeing one up close he will see it for what it is; a docile and user-friendly sports-commuter.

don r

Put a gun to his head and drag him in the dealership.

Candid Chris

Does your dad smoke pot? Buy some good stuff, say 'Dad, do you want to share a bowlful?' Than wait a few hours to buy YOUR BIKE. That makes more sense than me telling you HOW to convince your dad.(try not to giggle IF he says yes,LOL)


Have cash in hand, insurance payment ready and pass MSF course, have motorcycle license or endorsement. You should have that already- do you? 'Let Buy' implies you're under age of adulthood and contract signing. - 125cc get around campus and town - but not interstate legal - might be better first step. Couple state you wouldn't be able to operate much bigger engine cycle anyway- Illinois and California with first year riders restricted to 149cc if under 21.?


Just buy it. It's easier to ask forgiveness than permission.