How to step down in girl scouts?

This is my first year, I got asked to replace the last from last year. I agreed because my daughter needed a new leader and i thought it d be fun. The other 3 leaders are way more into than I am. We have a multi level troop and I m in charge of the brownies. I have come to dread every meeting..every week and have even missed the last 2 due to being sick. I have a 4 and 1 year old also that have to come with me to the meetings so keeping them entertained is a job itself. I also found out I m pregnant again and I m really not going to be able to do much with the kids activities..camping, skating, etc. So I feel like I want to step down but I don t know how to tell the other leaders 😬


You could phrase it as though you don't think you can offer the troop what it needs so you'd like to step down and hope somebody else fills the role. You can still help with the cookie sale as an involved mom, just not as the troop leader anymore.


Honesty is the best policy. Just tell them the truth that your situation no longer allows any time to fulfill this position.


But I want my 7 year old to continue long as she wants to I'm trying to figure out how to distance myself without cutting her out too. And its at her its not like we would never see the people again lol. Also its cookie we cant just drop out all together..we have to get our cookies passed they know where I live 😂


Just tell them that you're dropping all your kid's activities because they're getting too hard for you because you got pregnant again & your pregnancy is more important


I just wouldn't show back up for work. Same as any other job, just quit altogether no notice or anything.