Survey for parents of 11-13 year olds?

1. Do they like hugs? 2. As far as you know, do most kids their age like hugs? 3. Do they ever go outside? 4. How often do they cry? 5. Do they ever hear voices/have weird mental conversations?


Yes Yes Yes in nice weather Once he got 11 a lot less frequently. Maybe a few times a year. No


When my kids were 11-13, they were affectionate, liked hugs and we told each other "i love you" often.... this continues in my family, and both my sons are 33, and 42. I can't remember how often my sons cried at 11-13... probably not a lot. And i doubt they heard voices unless someone else was talking to them.


1. Very much so. 2. Yes. 3. All the time. 4. She's a girl hitting puberty, crying is a regular part of our lives. 5. No. Until #5, they were normal questions. If your child qualifies as a "yes" for #5, regardless of age, you need to consult with their doctor.


LOts of question ?????????? No they not hear voices and if your child hear voices bring him to the doc