What Would You Do of three teenage boys were constantly playing their music on full blaat?

I don't mind the music but my neighbors get annoyed and always wants me to day something to thwm. I feel I should go to the parents and not the kids which a few neighbors dis and the boys still play their music loud all night while their parents are at work. They work over night. My neighbors and I are not sure what to dso. It is annoying at night when trying to sleep.


If they are violating the law then the neighbors can report them to the police.


I'd file a noise complaint.


If your neighbors are annoyed, THEY can say something to the parents of the kids who are disrupting the neighborhood. If it doesn't bother you, there's no reason for you to be the spokesperson. I'm assuming this is an apartment complex if it's possible for the music to disrupt so many people so thoroughly, so another option is to go to the building manager.


If where you live has a noise bylaw, call the police.


If it bothers the neighbours but not you, why do the neighbours expect you to do something, why don't they do it? The problem with the parents is that it is not their problem. The boys don't keep their parents awake. If you want people to do something because you have a problem, they are not going to be too bothered. Make it their problem and they will do something. Get a friend who has good recording equipment to record the boys playing one night from just outside their house. Set up a powerful sound system on a trailer and park it outside the house with the speakers pointed towards the house. When the parents are home and sleeping during the day, turn the sound up to full volume and play the music to them. It is now their problem and they will understand why you have been complaining.


Shut the power in the room off. You pay the bills, they make the property value go down.


Sneak over to the house where the loud music is coming from and locate the Electrical Power Meter Box and Trip the Main Breaker.