What's the point in having only one or two kids, why not 20? What's the point? BORING?



Having 20 kids would mean having a extremely tight budget and a truck load of stress.


i guess if you're going to buy a farm, 20 kids is a good idea. put them to work


Jesus christ, the bacon batty can only take so much. But if you're serious, ask those Indian families how they did it.

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John P

I am glad to see you volunteering to make up the population losses.


a) Children are expensive, and b) more pregnancies put women at greater risk of serious complications. Few women could safely birth 20 children.


Because its hard to spend much quality time with 20 kids, most kids crave as much as they can get when they are young and if Mom is pregnant all the time worrying about her health and the health of the unborn child, she won't have much time to spend with her existing kids. And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Think about having 19 brothers and sisters and only one or two bathrooms.


Having 20 kids would mean having a extremely tight budget and a truck load of stress.


Women usually do not want more than 2-5 kids because kids can be costly & a big pain the rear you'll see.

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money is a factor


Most women can’t have 20 kids

Pearl L

cause sonne people dont have the nnoney for 20 kids and kids arent boring even if theres only one of thenn


Try it out and give us an update. If you're a male, let us know during which birth your mate died during.


Its a shame that you will never be anything but a burden to society


I'm assuming you have never gone through a pregnancy