Do doctors enjoy aborting the baby of a woman who is nine months pregnant??



The entire three doctors in the united states who perform third trimester abortions have gone on record as saying that they feel that they are doing something necessary but not enjoyable. But hey, keep masturbating to the idea that because you personally wouldn't have a later-term abortion that you are somehow remarkably better than people who believe that women own their own bodies.


Dr Gossell was a sick, evil man. These people do exist in our world. But for the vast majority of cases, docs shed tears for a life lost. FYI Women in Ireland flock to the UK for abortions. Banning the procedure means poor woman have their babies, and women with money have their abortions. Look at El Salvador. Birth control access is limited, and abortion is illegal. Many families live in abject poverty. Early motherhood leads to a lower level of education, which leads to higher child poverty. *** Don’t like abortion? Then fight to remove the outside forces that can led some woman into financial ruin if she continues her pregnancy. ***


There are going to be very few instances when it's necessary to abort at such a late stage. If that sad circumstance does arise it's doubtful that some one who took the Hippocratic Oath would enjoy such a sad procedure.


your doctor he isnt enjoying it like its 50 shades of dead babies bruh


No doctor 'enjoys' performing an abortion EVER.


There's no such thing as an abortion at full term. Stop trolling.


No. They just care about their paychecks.


honestly, I don't think such an evil human being could exist, if they enjoyed killing an innocent child. but yeah sadly they probably do because they get money for doing such an evil act


I highly doubt it. I read somewhere that 95% of doctors in Ireland are refusing to do abortions. I hope the doctors here in the US feel the same way.