Girl ive been dating for a few months is 7 days late on her period. And she is afraid to take a pregnancy test?

She said she doesn't have a history of irregular periods. Shes afraid because her mom is one those hypocritical Christians who thinks she's a virgin and expects her to wait till marriage. She doesn't think she's pregnant she believes it might be early menopause. She's 20 and im 27 how long should we wait to take a pregnancy test


You should obviously take a test now. If she didn’t want to get pregnant, didn’t u guys use protection or birth control?


If she is having sex, she could be pregnant. But since you've only been DATING a few months, surely you haven't already been having sex ... particularly unprotected sex. But a 20 year old who leaps to assumption that a late period means early menopause sounds pretty unstable anyway. So you might think twice about why you are dating her at all.


Trolling is strong, yes? If she is 20, thinks she is in menopause, and worried about the opinions of her mommy & daddy — then in no way should she even be having sex! No baby for her, she is too clueless and isn’t mature yet.


No need to wait, do it now.


So she thinks she's gone into early menopause at 20? What an idiot. If her period is a week late, she can test now.


Obviously pregnancy is a pretty precise thing. No sense in delaying taking a test because whether you do or you don't, the pregnancy (if that's what it is), will continue, test or no test. There's nothing to be gained by waiting. It won't circumvent the anger of a parent and certainly won't prevent the baby developing while you delay. Delaying will leave you shorter on options too. It's just sticking your head in the sand like an ostrich. Pregnancy has to be faced up to. It's not going away on its own. I don't think she's told you she thinks it's early menopause. If this question is a genuine enquiry, then today's the day for the test.