If I really wanted to have sex WITHOUT getting pregnant, would I have to do this way?

Okay okay I know there is BC aka birth controls & condoms, come on I know that already obviously, but besides using those...Would it be better for my partner to insert his dî'çk into the butt hole of mines instead while having sex?


Sometimes *** can leak out if the butthole and go down to the vagina so be careful.

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im for the butthole option

John P

Indeed anal sex cannot lead to pregnancy, unless, just possibly, some of the seminal fluid leaks out of the butt hole, and is accidentally inserted into the vagina in finger play. Even then, pregnancy is unlikely, but not totally impossible. Far better to use a fully certified birth control method, and give your guy the pleasure of using the normal hole.


Do you NOT understand the problems of rectal sex? The muscle that keeps all of the poo inside will get stretched out and then you would have no control... the poop would fall out.

Lone Cat

I assume this is the setup for a joke. Looking for a punch line.

Concerned Citizen

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