What do I do? Is this terrible terrible twos or something psychologically?

I have this 2 year old who throws fits constantly. When we go outside he goes but then we go back inside after a few minutes of play time outside and he can sometimes throw fit to where he throws himself on the floor. Another instance is that when we go do a fire drill, he will pace back and forth from inside to outside and throw himself on the floor/ground. And just today, I had to fight with him to change his diaper. He is not ready for potty training and when I tried to change him, he didn't want no diaper on.


You are a child. How can you then raise a child?


Two years olds have difficulties with transitions - that's very normal, but it doesn't mean you don't shape his behavior at this age. When you go outside to play, give him a few minutes of notice ahead of time that you will be going in, then as it gets closer, say it again, "We are going inside in a few minutes". He might still pitch a fit, but you pick him up and carry him in and let him continue the fit while you ignore him. Gradually over time if you are consistent and don't give in and give him what he wants, the fits will diminish. Give him choices throughout the day, so that he does have some things in his life that he can control. Give two options which are equally acceptable to you, such as, "Do you want this cup or this one?" "Do you want cereal or oatmeal this morning?" I like the general principles in the book, "Parenting With Love and Logic", by Foster Kline and Jim Fay. Read it and if you implement those principles, you will have a child who grows up knowing how to manage in the real world when he is an adult. https://www.amazon.com/Parenting-Love-Logic-Updated-Expanded/dp/1576839540

Beverly S

At 2 you can start potty training.. & no there is nothing wrong with him. He likes to be outside, kids want to have fun.

Jackie M

As a mum and grandma I would say it is temper tantrums and my daughter and both grandkids tried this but never done it again because I believe a quick painless slap across the butt soon sorts them out and if it continues you walk away and leave them on the floor, obviously you watch to make sure they come to no harm - the terrible 2s are nothing, wait till the get to the terrible teens and then young adults


Sounds normal to me. We raised 7 kids and the terrible 2s is a good description. When they turn to teens you're going to look back at these times with fondness. Happy parenting. I got my rewards for raising my kids, they are my grand kids and they are alot more fun. One more thing though, to help your sanity a little, I suggest you and your significant other make time for yourselves without the child at least once a week.


Have you tried eliminating electronic gadgets from her daily routine ?? ...She might be spending too much time on the internet ...Take away her smartphone too if she has access to one ... These things might be partly responsible for her actions .... Hopefully it helps


I agree with Jackie M MOther of 5 grown up


Let him sit in his messy diaper. When he throws a fit, ignore him and let him continue until he is tired of it. He can't cry forever.


The situations you described are normal. Why did he have only a few minutes of playing outside? Of course he was mad about having to go in. Now- how many times a day is he throwing these fits. A two year old doesn't know any other way to express his wishes- and he's trying to become more independent. If these fits are happening frequently, you might want to discuss it with your pediatrician.