Am I prego with a lego?

That title hopefully got your attention but I really need help. My bf and me recently had sex with out a condom....stupid I know but it was in the Speer of the moment and it just happened. We did it January 23rd but he pulled out before anything happened. I’m terrified that I can possibly be pregnant because I read precum can get you prego but it’s rare. What makes me more scared is that week I was getting my period (I got my period January 26th) and I know it’s easier or whatever to get prego closer to your period...what are the chances, will I feel different in the next week or two, what are possible signs (nausea, dizzy, ext.) when should I take a pregnancy test? Again I know this was stupid no need to remind me and it being my first time I just already feel like a **** up so please be nice. Also my period usually Last exactly 7 days but it’s gotten really light this 3rd day...almost like it has ended...


This one is easy. period = not pregnant.


Actually, the closer you get to your period, the HARDER it is to get pregnant since the egg dies about 12 days BEFORE the period and another egg won't arrive until several days AFTER the period. Pregnancy is extremely unlikely. You can test when it has been at least three weeks after sex or when you are late for the next period.


You're not pregnant with anything.


It is NOT easier to get pregnant closer to your period. Your best chances of pregnancy are generally around two weeks after your previous period, meaning two weeks before you start your next one. The specific days will vary based on your cycle length, but by the time you're three days away from getting your period, chances of pregnancy are basically nonexistent, because your egg has already been released and died. If you've gotten your period--lighter than usual or not--you are not pregnant.