Help on conceiving with type1 diabetic boyfriend?

Me and my partner have been trying to conceive for the past 6 months now. We know that there will be problems and struggles due to his type 1 diabeties so we don’t get our hopes up too much. My partner thinks he probably has retrograde ejaculation which would affect conceiving. Just wondering if there’s anything we could try to increase our chances of getting pregnant?. My partner also has gastroparesis (paralysed stomach) but I’m not sure if that would affect anything. I’m trying my best to stay relaxed and not worry or stress too much about it but I think it’s getting the best of me. Any tips or experiences would be great, thank you x


Amy, I have a friend visiting for a couple days who is an ER Nurse, and she says the retrograde ejaculation is a major factor in not conceiving, and that is associated with his sperm going into his bladder, and not out his penis. That problem can be associated with diabetes, and with certain medications that can be monitored, and sometimes restricted to achieve a pregnancy. Best bet is to talk to his diabetes physician, but a simple urine analysis will determine retrograde ejaculation, so I'm being told. Have you considered a natural insemination donor.