Can I conceive using Geritol because, I’ve taken it for one month and started my period but it was heavier on day 1 now it’s light.?



Geritol is a vitamin tonic. It does not make you conceive. Not sure what you think your period has to do with Geritol, but you should be having SEX every other day between 9-16 days after your period started.


What on earth does Geritol have to do with conceiving? It's a multivitamin, not a fertility aid. You got your period, that means not pregnant. Each time you ovulate, even assuming you time sex perfectly, you have a 20-25% chance of pregnancy. If you're counting days to determine ovulation, your chances are much less, because that's completely unreliable.


Geritol contains a lot of iron, which might affect your blood, but will not affect your chances of getting pregnant. It's possible that in the old days, when healthy food was not available year round, that undernourished women who get vitamins from Geritol became healthy enough to conceive. That's really not an issue these days.