Could I really be pregnant?

Hi, just looking for feedback or possibly someone whos experienced the same as this...So here it is... Ovulation was sch for 1/2/19, yes me and bf had unprotected sex..around 4dpo i started experiencing sore boobs ...which rarely happens unless its a few days before af is due..I still feel a lil sorenees just not as bad... Then around 6dpo i started to feel cramps that lasted up until 10dpo...which ive never experienced before..12dpo i started getting cold/flu symptoms...13dpo (4 days before af was due) i started bleeding which it was light with very little cramps and it only lasted a day and a half (normal periods last 4 days) a lil more tired than i usually be with the same work load..i eat a lil more and i pee a lil more often but ive taken 2 tests both negative but i know its fairly early if i am preggers...hoping for the best this is our first month ttc with our first child


It was mine and hubby's first month trying as well, we got a BFN, normally the tests are accurate; however, since it's still a bit early, you could be, but that doesn't mean you are. The best way to find out is to go to a doctor and see, you wouldn't be feeling any symptoms of pregnancy because they are generally the same as your period. I had a lot of these same symptoms this last month and just finished my period Friday, so time to track another month and try again. Keep me posted though and I hope you and your boyfriend are pregnant - baby dust to you guys!


Well obviously you are not pregnant

Jackie M

You could be but pregnancy hormones wont have changed yet to cause any symptoms until periods are several days late and implantation bleeding is very rare but those that get it usually don't even see it as it is so light when you wipe and usually just once or twice, Good Luck

Beverly S

The bleeding makes me think no..& symptoms don't come that fast normally.. Good luck though!!! Take a test 2 weeks after period was due..


You're definitely pregnant. And it's black.


Yes, you really could.