Ttc tube flush?

My husband and I are trying to have a baby we have tried clomid for 6 months 50 mg 2 months 100 mg 2 months 150 mg 2 months. I ovulate every month and we are checking my husbands swimmers My ob wants to check to see if my tubes are blocked. Does ot hurt? Can they unblock them if so how?


They can't unblock them, but checking them doesn't hurt at all because you are asleep.


I'm presuming your OB wants to do a hysterosalpingogram (HSG for short), which is a test where they inject dye into your uterus and then X-ray to see if the dye is flowing freely through your tubes. I have had three HSGs. Yes, they are quite uncomfortable, I recommend requesting Valium to take before your procedure, as well as Tylenol. No, you are not asleep, it's a short procedure so there is no reason to sedate you. Yes, it can potentially clear minor blockages in your tubes. In fact, it's been observed by specialists that a couple has an increased change of successful conception for about 3 months following a HSG. However, if you have more severe tube damage or scarring, the HSG will not fix that, and there may be nothing that can. Anothing thing to be aware of is that if the test shows a tube partially blocked, it could be a false positive because your tubes can "seize" and not allow the dye through. That happened to me with my first HSG. My left tube is narrower than my right, and the X-ray showed that the dye stopped about 2/3 of the way. I *almost* didn't do an IUI because I ovulated on the left side that month and thought my closed tube would make it unsuccessful, but changed my mind and did it anyway. Pregnancy was confirmed 2 weeks later. A few years later I had 2 more HSGs, and both showed the left tube was in fact open and normal.