What are the dangers of using widespread antibiotics in raising livestock?



The biggest problem is an increase in drug resistant diseases throughout the food chain.


they become resistant to them and disease ills them all.


1) the bacteria develop resistance to the antibiotics 1) the resistant bacteria can spread to humans. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antibiotic_use_in_livestock#Antibiotic_resistance

Cal King

The danger is that the only bacteria that can survive in such an environment will be those that are resistant to antibiotics. If those germs get out and away from these places (either because they were carried out by workers or they were blown out by the wind) then they can infect humans and we no longer have anyway to fight them since they cannot be killed by antibiotics. If for example, a person cuts his skin and some of these antibiotic resistant bacteria gets in his body through the cut, then he may die from the infection. That was what happened before antibiotics were invented. People often die of infection simply because they had a cut on their hands. Many medical doctors died in the 19th century and earlier because they cut themselves accidentally and they were around patients and corpses that had a lot of deadly germs.