Have you ever seen a ghost?

Like for real you can’t deny it even if you would rather?

Dr W

There have been about 125 billion humans that have lived and died on this planet since the first human stomped around half a million years ago or so. Now let's make the ridiculous assumption that only those who die horrible deaths turn into ghosts. If you think about how people die (natural, accidents, homicides, suicides) and how they've died over time (murder, wars, plagues, rape and pillaging, natural disasters, cancer, etc) it pretty easy to agree that at least 10% of those people died horrible deaths. And if we say 10% of those who die horrible deaths turn into ghosts.. then there would be 1.25 billion ghosts floating around our planet right now. There are 7 billion people currently alive with an average household size of 5 putting 1 ghost in just about every house and 1 in every apartment on the planet. And if we don't make the arrogant assumption that only humans have souls that turn into ghosts, that other animals can too, then you might argue that all of the 300 million cows slaughtered each year and all of the 1.2 billion pigs slaughtered each year and all of the 46 billion chickens and all the rest of the horses, sheep, dogs, cats, etc slaughtered each year turn into ghosts too... well you can see where I'm going right? There would be so many "ghosts" that we would literally be swimming in them. Every breath you take, you would inhale a ghost or two. Ghosts would fill our entire world. More ghosts than living people. So... where are all those ghosts? Why is it that only a hand full of people say "I saw a ghost" and never manage to get a picture of one? Could it be that they are lying to you to get your attention or your money? Why would EMF meters pick up ghostly presences. Anybody every test one on a "real ghost?" Why can ghosts move physical objects and make sounds, yet we can't see them or hear them all the time? Why would ghosts want to communicate with us and not each other? none of this "ghost" business makes sense unless you look at it from this perspective. FRAUDS are using your gullible nature to take your money. TV are using your gullible nature to get you to watch their shows. We tell each other ghost stories because we get an adrenaline rush and it's kinda fun to be scared. Ghosts do NOT exist.


No, I have not. There is no scientific evidence that ghosts exist. I doubt that anyone has ever actually seen a genuine ghost. There are many problems with their existence that mindless believers fail to confront.


I would say no

( • - • )

One night, when i was a little kid, i was in sleep paralysis and at the end of my bed I saw about 7 white human - like figures.


Yes, I have observed the as yet scientifically undefined phenomena we CALL "Ghosts", but that is not really evidence that it is an actual "Spirit of the dead".--only some unknown phenomena.


No, and no one else ever haws either. Ghosts do not exist.

Sandra K

There ain't no damn ghosts for anybody to see.

Dr. NG

No, I haven't and I'm pretty sure no one else has either. I've noticed many of the "true" tales told here have details added and blanks filled in the retelling. As people like me point out discrepancies in the tales the author fills in the gaps for the next answer.

Thomas E

Yes, yet I have yet to discern whether it was a separate entity or something projected into my mind. Not scary, just surprising.

Venus 1485AD

No, I never have, and there's no convincing evidence that anyone has eve4r seen one. They're contrary to Science and Logic.

miyuki & kyojin

IIE mean NO at Japan, is no convincing evidence that ghosts exist. People wrongly identify normal things at night, people have hallucinations and delusions, people create crude hoaxes. These things explain all ghost sightings,. Skeptic doubt ideas, must have solid evidence before he accept them. No one ever give any objective evidence for existence of ghosts, gods, demons, angels, Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, tengu, kitsune, Atlantis, Lemuria, etc.

Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

Only a ghost? I saw the spirits of the demons, they are real, obviously this certainty is only given to all those who have seen them for the atheists, is difficult to this question!

Gary K

There's no reason to think ghosts are anything more than a superstitious explaination for something that's been misinterpreted. There's no scientific evidence or rationale for them, so at least until that can be produced elledged sightings can always be met with skepticism. For example, we know our minds play tricks on us. We know our pattern seeking brains try to make sense of random images and sounds. If you are a superstitious thinker you are very likely to misinterpret things like images you see through dark, snowy windscreens, or noises you hear while on a tractor in a large storage facility with strong winds blowing outside, as something familiar when there's really nothing like that there. This is known as pareidolia, and it probably explains the majority of "ghost sightings". It's not rational to invoke improbable supernatural explainations when you are unable to 100% rule out all natural explainations. Even then, you can't absolutely claim "ghosts" when there's no evidence they even exist. "Pareidolia (/pærɪˈdoʊliə/ parr-i-DOH-lee-ə) is a psychological phenomenon in which the mind responds to a stimulus, usually an image or a sound, by perceiving a familiar pattern where none exists." https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pareidolia


As ghosts do not exist...no, I have never seen one. No one has

vignesh v

when your mind is healthy no fear will come,like bad dream in night, Ghosts and all


yes, when i was young i lived in a house with my grandmother and one day i saw a man at the end of the hallway who disappeared upon second glance. i asked my nana is anyone died in our house and she told me that a man had killed himself in the front yard


My old workplace was haunted. I heard footsteps and a friend saw a flash of a shadow and another had there pen fly off there desk. Creepy place can’t deny that


My dog. Quite a few times. I actually got used to seeing him, and him getting on the bed at night. When the weather would get bad, a scratching would happen at the door. After I would open the door, it would stop. I also would hear him bark outside. Once, I was leaving the house, and thought I had left my other pup outside, because I saw a rott outside I said, what are you doing out here? and opened the door to put her in. She was allready in. And when I looked back, there was no dog outside. It went on for years. There has been people over when the door scratching happened, and they have asked if I wanted them to let the dog in. Open the door, and no dog to be seen. I am not one to believe in ghosts. But this happened.

Mr. P

Yes, and I think it may be dependent on a persons ability to see them. Thus some may never see any, while other see lots. I do not think they are demons, as there is no point in a demon exactly impersonating a complete aircrew from 1945 pushing a plane out of a hanger - witnessed by many and investigated by the police (in Lincolnshire). I have seen quite a few now and try to get as much evidence as I can on the event seen. I do see the complete event usually including the surroundings as they were at the time, and not just the person. This can usually be verified on old photo's or maps if it is during the last 200 years. It gets more difficult on the older sightings as not many records are complete. Most sightings are of deaths or pain, or fear, although one long conversation involved a man in a car crash, an d he was just sad his girlfriend was dead and kept saying it wasn't his fault as he froze to death, and showed me what happened. The young boy who saw his sister drown will always haunt me, as will the butcher who killed his wife in a fit of rage when he almost took her head clean off. Some I would rather forget seeing.

The Donald


English Guy

You may have seen my recent post about the heavy snowfall and the guy who wore a duffle coat and left no footprints? Apart from that, I took on a job at a factory that was haunted by a security guard who had died over 20 years earlier. I was asked to drive my little electric tractor to a building that stood on its own and was now only used for storage. I had to hitch up to a trailer of special paper. I lifted the big noisy electric doors and closed them behind me as the wind was very strong. All along the wall to my left was piles of steel pallets of paper 12 x 5' and stacked about 15' high. To the right, there were lots of trailers of paper and paperwork. I only had the single lamp from my tractor as I couldn't find the switches. I had to manoeuvre the tractor to shine the light on each trailer. Just then, I heard footsteps, keys jangling and whistling coming from the back of the stacks of 12 x 5@ pallets. They were stacked 2' from the wall to save damage when fork trucks moved them and also to make a gangway. I shouted "can you show me where the switches are for the lights, please. Suddenly everything went quiet. I asked again but no reply. I then walked over to the pallets and squeezed through a gap only to find that the pallets were wrongly stacked against the wall and nobody could have walked that way. There is another door at the other end of the building, just an ordinary size door. When I checked that, I found that an electric door had been placed over the ordinary door. It had a padlock to stop it being lifted. There was no way anyone other than me could have been in that building. Maybe the guy was in a different timeline to us from 20 years or so earlier and simply getting on with his work. He may have heard a disembodied voice asking for the lights, as to him, I was the ghost. It may be that all ghosts are just ordinary people but the timelines come close enough sometimes that we see each other. EDIT. Unfortunately, what NG doesn't realise is, I did not get these events tattooed on my @ss. They are events that happened a long time ago and like all memories, they can cloud with age. What he also doesn't realise is, he also did not tattoo my encounters on his own @ss so his own memories of what I wrote maybe also just as cloudy. As he is just a troll and his only purpose here is to rip into genuine users, I would say, that comment was just another piss poor attempt. With a bit of luck, he may repeat his "burning flesh on the radiator" cut and paste or maybe his yucca man bollocks. That crap usually gets a good laugh. Sad little dolly dimple. Also, if you care to look at the ridiculous comments from Gary K, it may put you right on what kind of person he is. I was about nine foot from the person in the snow and I was about 15 feet from the security guard. On the other hand, Gary the oracle was just a tad further away at the time. To be more accurate, he was at the opposite side of the world at the time in Australia. Not only that but as you can see, he has no idea of his words. He does not understand what pareidolia means or the word gullible to mention but two. If you would like proof, simply ask him what gullible means. He thinks gullibility is natures way of protecting us. Please ask him in his comment box. I would think that I have a better idea as to what I saw than some welfare bum in Aussie land. A skeptic by definition is a nonbeliever. Another one of his boo boo's These same trolls complain if you attack them back and think we have no right to defend ourselves.