How come most scientists don't believe in ghosts, when there are anomalies that are captured on audio/video that can't be explained?



Calling anomalies that are captured on audio/video that can't be explained "ghosts" is just ignorant. I am assuming most scientists believe that these things are fake. Probably just as fake as those pics and/or videos people see of UFOs. Being unexplained does not necessarily make something paranormal. Here is a good CHRISTIAN response for the rest of this answer: "In the King James Version of the Bible, the word ghost appears 108 times. Of these, the word is never used in the sense of the disembodied spirit of someone who has died. It is used in only two ways. First, it appears in the phrase “to give up the ghost,” meaning “to die.” Second, it occurs as the title, “the Holy Ghost,” the third person of the Godhead or Trinity. The Bible refers to ghosts or spirits of the dead as “familiar spirits” and warns us against having anything to do with them. (see Leviticus 19:31, Deuteronomy 18:11; 2 Kings 21:6; Isaiah 8:19). " People who think ghosts are disembodied spirits of dead people are deceived. The Devil deceives people into thinking ghosts are disembodied souls. Souls either go to Heaven or Hell- there is no purgatory or limbo. Disembodied SOULS do not roam the earth. King Saul asked a witch to bring up Samuel from the dead. But her reaction says a lot: "And when the woman saw Samuel, she cried with a loud voice..." (1st Samuel 28:12, KJV). That SPIRIT King Saul saw and that witch summoned WAS NOT SAMUEL'S SPIRIT. That was a SPIRIT PRETENDING TO BE SAMUEL. Hope this helps.


because the atheist secular thought police who are very influential and powerful will not allow that kind of research any scientist pursuing paranormal wouldn't get funding, support or a publishing deal their narrative is God doesn't exist neither do ghosts satan and demons they are evil but they want to hide it so they socially engineer mankind to think evil and God doesn't exist and everything can be explained scientifically


Ghosts, Well, the oldest known ghost is the spirit of a Roman Soldier, which strikes us as very ancient...... But, to ANYONE with even the slightest sense of history and the past,,,, THAT IS RIDICULOUSLY YOUNG!!!!!!!!! If these things are immortal & permanent, why don't we see more, and a lot more that are MUCH older, from very far back in antiquity. Why don't we see ghosts of Phoenicians, Carthagians, Ancient Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians?? Why don't we go back to the point of prehistory and before? Why isn't Africa CRAMMED with the ghosts of cavemen? Furthermore, why do they wear clothes? Think about that. Wouldn't the spirit go naked, even if it did not want to, simply because clothing is not live, therefore cannot have a spirit to exist in that realm. Since animals are said to have spirits, why don't we see the ghosts of dinosaurs? Ah, you should know Harry Houdini went to mediums to contact his mother, and well, the good news is, the voices/mediums spoke plainly to him, called him "Harry", said "it is I your mother",,, now the bad news,,, HARRY HOUDINI'S MOMMA DIDN'T SPEAK NO ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!! SHE NEVER CALLED HIM HARRY EITHER!!!!!! He was outraged, and spent the rest of his life mocking and trying to debunk such people, collaborating with H.P.Lovecraft in an attempt to do so.

Christian in Jesus

Because science if precise. The term Ghost is abstract and side steps complete explanation. Scientist do not state that all matter is defined. So it is not fair to state that a real scientist doesn't believe in it. Electricity was discovered and almost every substance because scientist test and define and catalogued findings. The reason that we don't get respect for our findings is because they lack a quantitative analysis.


Not "unexplained". More like impossible to explain to some "people". And their is a fraud industry that makes MONEY creating yet another bit of nonsense. The internet is a wash with trolls and idiots and it is pointless to argue with them because they have no interest in facts.


You've never seen a faked video? The world is replete with them, and nothing can be told about with a video of unknown provenance. And even film of known provenance can and should be suspect. Do you remember the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot film? (You do, whether you know it or not--just visualize the film of Bigfoot walking through the woods, that's the one). A lot of people claim that to be evidence for Bigfoot, but it's a fake film, all the way back in the 1960's, and it's become several orders of magnitude easier to fake videos since then. . As long as ghosts never, ever appear under scientifically-controlled conditions there's no reason to believe they're real. . .


Most scientists don't believe in ghosts because the evidence gathered so far has not convinced them. That's how science works. That doesn't stop some scientists from looking for credible evidence- also how science works. That is how we expand the understanding of the world around us.

Dr. NG

When asking a question like this it's a good idea to leave a link to let us know what you consider a video that can't be explained. Most scientists don't believe there are ghosts because there is no good evidence for ghosts.

Jeffrey K

Exactly because of what you said! They can't be explained. Unexplained phenomena does not imply ghosts. Any theory, like ghosts or aliens, must be proven by evidence. Unexplained anomalies don't prove any theory, because they are unexplained. So many people get confused by this point. Science requires definite solid repeatable evidence, not unexplained things.

Gary K

Unexplained does not = paranormal. You are talking about ghosts; manifestations of the spirits of dead people. There is no scientific evidence or plausible hypothesis for their existence. So you don't get to insert them as an explanation for anything. Not if you're a scientist, or value scientific method.

Raro Fidelis

Just because something is unexplained it doesn't mean it is paranormal, and a great deal of those videos are faked anyway. If ghosts are real why isn't there better evidence for them existing?.


If it can't be explained, then ghosts aren't any more of an explanation than anything else. And quite frankly, I find the claim that there are anomalies that can't be explained rather dubious. Just because a scientist or engineer hasn't reviewed every single photograph, video, or sound recording doesn't mean that there isn't a valid scientific explanation for it.

Ronald 7

Scientists believe in Theories but not the Paranormal


Being UNEXPLAINED is not evidence that they are actions of "Spirits of the dead" (Ghosts)---Indeed we DO believe in unexplained phenomena that we CALL "Ghosts", we just do not know what it is and call it unexplained for now.-----We do not know everything YET do we?

Nine Lives

...they still want to do their job. Most scientists would lost their jobs . It is similar to airplane pilots in usa. If they report an ufo, they can look out for another job.

Sandra K

Because they've never found a speck of real evidence for ghosts. You use Argument From Ignorance, i.e. "We can't explain it, therefore it's ghosts (we could also use gods, ETs, fairies, Bigfoot, etc. in such an argument from ignorance. Very few if any videos can't be explained.

English Guy

There are many scientists who believe in ghosts, often due to being a witness or because they have managed to make some sense out of reports made by trusted witnesses and trained observers. The thing is, ghosts and anomalies defy physics. Therefore, they simply can't be proven to exist until there is absolute proof of "how" they exist. Seeing them yourself is only proof to you so does not count to the rest of the world. Take no notice of the denialists on here, they are incapable of seeing paranormal even if a yeti pissed in their pocket. Again, Gary k's explanation of paranormal goes against the dictionary he likes to wave around. If it is unexplainable by science, it is paranormal but only if it helps Gary's argument. People here simply say it is not evidenced if it doesn't suit them personally. There are far too many idiots around who like to throw paint tin lids up in the air for the camera and run around wearing sheets on their heads. This also helps to cause doubt. You have to remember that man has recorded flying machines, ghosts and all manner of strange things since he learned to draw on a cave wall. Every single sighting of paranormal of every kind has got to be false. That includes the one and a half million reports each year in America alone. If only one alien, ufo, ghost, yeti report is correct, they exist. EDIT! Oops! looks like I upset the denialists again. HAHAHA!