How to succesfully experience Astral Projection (OBE) and Lucid Dreaming?

i have a few questions 1. During Astral Projection can you die if the cord is cut from your body? 2. What are the chances of sleep paralysis? 3. Is it possible to recongnize people from OBE in real life? If so, would they know you? 4. Can spirits take control of your body when are experiencing OBE? thanks xoxo


<During [astral projection] can you die if the cord is cut from your body? > So-called "astral projection" is total bullshit, so no. If such a thing were real, imagine how trivially easy it would be to prove. All the 'astral traveler' need do, under scientifically-controlled conditions, is to leave their body to inspect the contents of a sealed chamber. Anyone who could consistently do this would demonstrate astral projection to be real. But no one can do that. . At least lucid dreaming has the advantage of being real. Some people report great success with it, but even among those of us who experience it may not experience one more than once a month or so, and only a fraction of people experience it at all, so there are no guarantees you can do it. It's well worthwhile finding out, though. . .

Obi Wan Knievel

1) No. 2) Zero. 3) What the hell are you talking about. 4) No. You've got to stop believing absolutely everything anyone tells you. Astral projection has a name outside the new-age hippie world, and it's called meditating. Nobody actually leaves their body and wanders around invisible, because reality is real. If people could really do that, more people would. Retail stores would quickly close down, because their products would mysteriously levitate off shelves and float out the door. Entertainment venues would also shut down, because nobody would bother buying tickets to movies or events. Nobody would be able to even move in the shower room at any girls' gym, because it would be packed to the rafters with invisible guys. And that's just the first week. Seriously, stop hanging around with the new-age hippies.


Astral Projection is imaginary, it's not real.


What has the Order of the British Empire got to do with supposed astral projection?

Corvus Blackthorne

Hallucinogens help, I imagine.


By getting stoned. Shut your brain down.


Lucid dreaming is "established science." It generally seems to relate to how integrated one's waking conscious is with one's waking subconscious (the latter supplying many dream narratives). "Awareness meditation" helps this integration. and "Watch Your Dreams," "The Master of Lucid Dreams," "Looking into the Invisible," and, more for OBE, "The Masters and Their Retreats," are good.




Astral projection, meditation, lucid dreaming, etc. all lead to demon possession. Sleep paralysis is stopped if you pray to Jesus. Sleep paralysis is stopped if you pray to saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov (believed to be incarnated Archangel Uriel); forgive me.