What do you suppose these strange lights are?


Robert De Angelis-Italy-United States

From the movie does not note what are those lights, also because the lights are the background dark, barely visible to define its reality. However, the alleged aliens do not exist! If anyone has seen these galactic entity, they are the spirits mutants of demons!

Gary K

They could be anything. Sorry but it's simply not rational to propose the least likely explaination possible to explain them, no matter how popular it is in culture.


It's obvious. It's someone moving a camera around.

mike m

Someone perpetuating a hoax.


They are strange lights. Well we can almost certainly rule out alien spacecraft. Because with lights on, it would be "advertising itself". Inviting us to come and say hello. And the fact is that no alien spacecraft has been reported by anyone -- anywhere. And bear in mind that there would be a "spotters fee" paid to anyone who could produce a real alien spacecraft. And the spotters fee would be upwards of US$1 billion. No one would keep a secret when that kind of money is on offer.


This may sound strange to say the least but I think that these are celestial beings! Or exteraterrestrials if you like. Energy based life forms: made of charged plasma with programmed information and a consciousness with innate physical abilities. Truly stranger than any science fiction you have ever seen and most incredibly right under your nose and you wouldn’t even know.