How long does it take to get to Mars?

I'm wondering how long it would take if you took the fastest route, the fastest landing, and went the fastest you can while still having the fuel to get back to earth or having the means to make rocket fuel on Mars. The ship is manned.


It is possible to get to Mars within a few weeks. However, it would be a very expensive trip (in fuel). The cheapest way to get there (the Hohmann transfer orbit) takes roughly 9 months. It must be timed very well, leaving Earth in order to arrive at Mars's orbit, at the time when the planet Mars is actually there. Then, same thing to come back. And you have to wait for the proper time to come back (which means waiting on Mars for roughly 6 months until the "window" is just right).


Depends on how much delta-v you have available, and if you need to go 'now' or can wait for orbital syncronisation to provide a minimum delta-v option. "Direct" flights require significantly more delta-v with a burn half-way towards mars, and a burn to decelerate for the other half. Very inefficient but *much* faster than Holman transfers. For standard Holman transfers, the time of orbit is roughly mid way between the Earth's one year, and Mar's 1.9 year orbit, so around 18 months... and a single way journey could be estimated at around 9 months.. but the suitable low energy conditions make a single (relatively brief) launch window every 26 months. Flybys and light payloads allow more direct/shorter routes, and sometimes the desire to have close distances and clear LOS *during* a protracted mission require a less efficient and longer approach to arrive well before the ideal time. Past missions: Mariner 4 228 days flyby Mariner 6 155 days flyby Mariner 7 128 days flyby Mariner 9 168 days orbit Viking 1 304 days landing Viking 2 333 days (orbit/landing) Mars Global Surveyor 308 days Mars Pathfinder 212 days Mars Odyssey 200 days Mars Express Orbiter 201 days Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 210 days Mars Science Laboratory 254 days

Ronald 7

Normally nine months But over twice that to come back because of the difference of orbits


On the average - Nine Months.


Hohmann orbit has the least fuel use and most payload, but takes quite a few months to get there. If going into orbit at Mars or landing, takes more fuel to slow and line up for orbit insertion or doing an atmospheric entry. Best time to go is when Earth and Mars are at good locations in their orbits. That happens only about every 25 months.


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Mars Penslivainia? U.S.A. From here. Make it in 48 hours or less.


It took the USA around 8 1/2 years to get to our Moon. I believe it will take ~20 years to get to Mars. I can't wait.


How fast do you want to get there?


I'm just wondering how long it would take going as fast as you can in the fastest amount of time and the fastest landing.


depends on the trajectory and the distance, which varies. But many months, perhaps a year or more.


I can't give any certain period for Mars.