Soil Science Bulk Density Question? Please help me check my answer! :)?

Assume the original cube consisted of basalt with a density of 2.70 grams per cubic centimeter. This original cube, which was subdivided in the same manner as described above, was 1.0 cm on a side and consisted of a 1 cubic centimeter block of basalt weighing 2.7g. This basalt cube was subdivided into silt size. Then it was transferred to a rectangular container 10mm on each side of the base. Because these silt particles can no longer fit perfectly, silt particles filled the container up to the 20mm mark. Calculate the density of the whole bulk pile of silt sized particles. I used m=pV (where p= the original density and V= volume) to find the mass of the whole bulk pile. First I changed 2.70g to .0027kg then divided that by 1E-6 cubic meters to get 2700kg/m3. Then I used the volume of 20mm and converted this to m3 and got 8E-6 m3. I multiplied (2700kg/m2)(8E-6 m3) and got m= .0216kg/m3 I then converted this back to g/cm3 because that is what the problem asks for. I got 2.16E-5g/cm3 I thought I would at least attempt it. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


You now have a cube of dust twice the size of the solid cube. 1/2 = ½; ergo, the bulk density must be half that of the original density.