Is conversion therapy ever successful by SCIENCE standards? YES?

homosexual orientation is, contrary to the supposed consensus, sometimes mutable. “Homosexuality” is a multifaceted phenomenon; there are likely many homosexualities, with some perhaps more malleable than others. Not all interventions are the same; not all practitioners are equally skilled. Perhaps most important, those seeking change vary considerably in their intensity of motivation, in their resourcefulness, and in the context in which they try to change. Most of those seeking change and most of those who actually attain some level of change are highly religiously committed, and these individuals who believe in a God who intervenes in their lives are embedded in communities of care and are motivated by their core understanding of who they are as a person before God. It is a wonder that anyone without such resources successfully obtains sexual-orientation change.

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Please provide one successful example, by science standards.

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I think those who are seeking change have possibly been browbeaten by homophobic people. I can't countenance forcing someone to try this. A gay person might need to look in a mirror and try to find reasons to like him/herself the way they are.

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People change their minds when they want to.


Of course, you have to go into it with an open mind