What do you do when scientifically there comes a point when the irrational becomes rational and the counter intuitive becomes the correct?



You change your intuition


You described quantum mechanics. For QM, we wrote down the rules for how quanta behave. QUANTUM WIERDNESS You are trying to make sense of something that does not make sense. “By 1928 or so, many of the mathematical formulas and rules of quantum mechanics had been put in place and, ever since, it has been used to make the most precise and successful numerical predictions in the history of science. But in a real sense those who use QM find themselves following rules and formulas laid down by the ‘Founding Fathers’ of the theory…. Without really understanding why the procedures work or what they really mean. …. What are we to make of all this? Does it mean that on a microscopic level the universe operated in ways so obscure and unfamiliar that the human mind, evolved over eons with phenomena on familiar everyday scales, is unable to fully grasp what really goes on? Or, might it mean that through historical accident physicists have constructed an extremely awkward formulation of QM that, although quantitatively successful, obfuscates the true nature of reality? No one knows.” – Brian Greene, The Elegant Universe


Probably when you think nothing can exist beyond what you can understand.

Jeffrey K

Publish your discovery in a peer reviewed journal.


We discover our understanding of our rational was wrong.


Isn’t that pretty much the history of science in general?