Are 3rd wave Feminism and MGTOW/incels two sides of the same coin, ideologically?

MRAs believe men are oppressed, and in some right they are, so they group together and become an aggressive collective until they get to a point they hate women - such happens in Feminism as well... Is this the natural conclusion of gender-based ideologies?


Men who choose to go their own way and men who are celibate because no woman will have sex with them are not the same thing. There is no true opposite of feminism, but misogyny comes close.

Mickey Knox

unlike feminism, mgtow is non violent


Not at all.


Well, let's see... third wave feminists basically support individuality, diversity, and political awareness, and incels want to be mean to both women and each other on the internet. So... I guess not.


No. That's like asking "Isn't the white nationalist movement just the natural conclusion of the civil rights movement?" It's a false equivalence. Reactionary movements like the MRM that want a return to traditional hierarchies of gender are not ideologically similar to the social justice movements they oppose. "While the MRM might bill itself as a progressive movement and a rational reaction to the excesses of third-wave feminism, its demonization of female rape and DV victims mixed with its thorough cross-pollination with reactionary movements make it nothing but a Trojan horse to roll back protections for women under the guise of fighting male oppression." MGTOW and Incels are openly hateful toward women. MRAs at least occasionally bring up some good points about the unfair treatment of men. Unfortunately, their conclusions never involve actually helping, for instance, homeless men or men who face workplace hazards or the rise in male gun suicides (they are too Republican leaning for that; when they bring these things up it isn't done to actually HELP these men). Their conclusion is "feminism is bad and should go away." It isn't really about men's rights. It's antifeminism.