Considering male heterosexuality is demonized yet erased, will heterosexual identified men commit suicide?Or are they thick skinned enough?

Feminists like to accuse men of being rape-like for being into women yet they also erase their heterosexuality, like claiming we’re all bisexual, so that means not only will the be capable of accusing all males of being rapists(since they’re also erasing homosexuality by teaching the Freud theory, which mostly targets gay men’s sexuality), they will also shove to heterosexual males faces that they like to be sodomized. I try not to talk about this to my male heterosexual friends because it’s insulting, yeah they’re being jerks calling me soyboy but I won’t go offend them by bringing this.


Keep being an idiot. You're doing well, sweetheart


Could you post this again using sentences that make sense? No, "hetrosexual identified men" will not commit suicide if heterosexuality is demonized and erased, whatever that means. EDIT: Okay, this "answer" which you posted explains it all: "Me, [women are] entitled motherfvckers who think their rights consist at the expense or distress of males."


I'm sure you believe that all that is very clever and deep, but to be honest, it's a complete load of nonsense.


No, I think guys have been around the block enough to know that staying the course will work. Just keep accumulating resources and the Bitchez will keep you coming, trying to acquire said resources.


What does "demonized yet erased" mean? I'm a straight man and don't feel demonised or erased.