Why do people say men age better than women just because they develop wrinkles later? There are so many other ways where men age worse?

Getting wrinkles is not the only sign of aging. I don't get why ppl still find men with deep forehead wrinkles, hair growing from ears and nose, bags under their eyes, beer bellies and balding hair attractive, but when a woman starts developing wrinkles they are like "She ages so badly! She is getting so unattractive!"


For women, their primary commodity has been looks to attract a man. For men, it's always been about power that attracts women. Men have the advantage of shaving their faces, meaning we constantly moisturize to keep that youthful glow. Extra hair can be with you at any age, but wrinkles is at the top of the list for looking aged, where I have seen some heavy smokers and drinkers looks way older than their actual age.


Blame WOMEN for that. If THEY stopped trying to impress those around them with how young they always look and celebrated the realities of aging - none of this would matter.


not all men get beer bellies, and the reason why its a bigger deal for women to have wrinkles is because a youthful, soft, smooth skin is what makes a womans face beautiful men dont need need soft, smooth skin to look manly. its really not that hard to understand


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