Is it wrong to be gay?

I’m gay

The Magus

If people don't like how you live your life, they're in luck, because they don't have to live it...YOU do.

Daddy Phantom

Absolutely. That's why it's so right.


Yes it is wrong and extremely disgusting. Stop being such a pervert and start acting normally. Get a girlfriend.


bum boy


The bible says it is, perhaps you should read it, one day you will have to answer to God and h for sure will let you know if its right or wrong,


no, not at all


only if your forced against your will......


Nope. It probably helps our species to survive, in a way we don't understand. with 7.5 billion humans on the planet, we really don't need more people making babies


No, it is not wrong to be gay. To say it is wrong is as asinine, ill-informed and ridiculous as saying it is wrong to be born with hazel-coloured eyes or wavy hair. Of course, your question is going to throw you wide open to abuse from the oh-so brave people on this forum who can spew their hate at the safe remove of the Internet.

Melissa Hoen

is it wrong to put up homophobic urinal dividers everywhere because building management hate Gay people? Oh Yes! theres nothing wrong with being Gay, but Straight people will probably never stop being Homophobic and teaching their sons that "all gays are pedophiles" Oh Straight people

Sasha Whitefur

Being LGBT is a congenital condition. (developed before birth) Science is finding more evidence for it, every day.


If the consensus here was that it's "wrong" to be gay, would you stop being gay, stop being attracted to the same sex and start being attracted to the opposite sex? If not, then you must accept that the opinions of others, most especially strangers, do not matter in the least.


In the eyes of some, whose reference point is Fox news and Fundamental theology, probably. As a matter of self-examination, take a look at the following syllogism: God is Perfect. God made Mankind in his own image. Therefore, none of mankind is imperfect. That's not my original expression. It came from the head of the Episcopal Church of America. So you're down to humans casting shade. And if you ask them why, they either can't answer, or have a verse from Leviticus. Hit them with the big picture, and ask them to explain. Love yourself for what you are.

Original Sin

No. Human Sexuality; that would be Homosexuality (Attraction to the same-sex), Heterosexuality (Attraction to the Opposite-Sex) and Bisexuality (Attraction to Both Genders) has been proven to be inborn. This was done in a case study of Identical Twins, when both twins where born and one happened to be gay the other twin had a seventy percent chance of also being gay. Proving that Human Sexuality deals with Hormones in the womb, pre-birth.


If you are having a problem accepting your sexuality, call the gay center. Talk to the counselor. Talk to other people, specially those your age and those who are out. The only reason that there is prejudice because of the crap in the bible-- otherwise people would not have a problem with us. Come out. Be happy. Enjoy your life.


Being gay is like being insane

Elisabeth: So wrong

So wrong :-(


Of course not. All sexual orientations are neutral


being happy is okay; suffering from hemorrhoids or aids is bad; forgive me.