Havs USA society mostly lost respect for their elders?



Not necessarily. Many, however, appear to have lost [or never learned] respect for others in general.


Yes. We worship youth. We want the new. Discard the old.


Yes. The average US person respects celebrity first, then money, then physical size, then maybe age.


Every generation in every culture on the planet loses respect for its elders.


i hope not


Most elders in the US have lost respect for themselves. The story goes the greatest generation went to war. The boomers got everything they wanted and gen X never knew not getting everything was an option. Millennials can't wipe their asses by themselves so gen xer's raised millennials both wallowing in crap from walmart while watching Honey Boo Boo. I like the Jesus of Suburbia video. Essentially, the mom is just as much of a loser as the kid. That's America. A bunch of losers leading losers and mad at Trump for not being a good daddy. There are individuals who earned respect but age doesn't automatically infer it. Were at one point we could assume you stormed Normandy by being old, we can just as well assume you hoard crap while living on welfare and feel bad about yourself by being about 40ish these days. What we have is a surfdom. The delineation is across class, not age. Some in the aristocracy have done well by their age but the rest are worthless scum and proud of it.


You know, we have writings from ancient Greek philosophers 2500 years ago complaining that young people don't respect their elders anymore. And we have countless of other complaints from all of history more or less everywhere. Young people tend to be more brash than older people and older people tend to complain about how it was much better when they were young. That is one timeless constant of humanity. So the answer to your question is no. Young people today have as much respect for their elders than the aforementioned elders had for their own elders when they were younger. And those latter elders also complained about the youth that became today's elders.


I don't think so. There is always a portion of society that just doesn't show respect period, especially the further left politically a person falls. It sort of makes sense since the left wants equal outcome that basically strips incentive and respect out of any society.

Kiss Me Kate

pretty much--since we are such a capitalist society, buying power seems to matter the most--younger people buy more and the elderly seem to lose their value--simply because they aren't the "right demographic" for making purchases. if you don't matter to big business--you are irrelevant.

The First Dragon

Why not? Their elders have lost respect for the young - so bad that they made it legal and acceptable to destroy the unborn anytime. How is a young person supposed to respect that generation?