How to put a rude person in their place?

For example a coworker, a customer, stranger, family member, etc


Why is there a need to put anyone in their place, and who made it your job? Being rude and disrespectful to others in return just lowers you to their level.


Tell them THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENT. HAVE A NICE DAY. That pisses them off.


You can't really do it. They will resent your rudeness and never notice their own. What really drives them crazy is when you pretend you didn't hear them and just ignore what they said.


Be an adult and ignore them. Keep calm, polite and do and say nothing.


Look at them silently, with your eyebrows up to your hairline. Then slowly turn away. Nothing more is needed.


just say excuse nne but could you please stop being rude

Emma Coygne

Say stuff like. ‘Sorry to hear your diet isn’t working’ . ‘ nice top , shame they didn’t have one in your size ‘ ‘ who’s that attractive blonde I saw your bf/ husband with the other day, she seems fun!’ Oh and throw in something patronising like ‘that’s super cute’!