I am going to my uncle's Super Bowl party with my Dad tomorrow night. Do I thank him and his wife even though I am my Dad's guest and how?

How do I thank them politely? I know it sounds like an odd question but do I say "thanks for having me" when it is my Dad they asked? Do I say "hope it is okay I tagged along with my Dad" or do I just say "thanks for the evening"? I want to be liked and am desperate to do it right. This is my Mom's brother and in my Mom's family etiquette defines ones soul. Thank you all.


Of course you thank your uncle and aunt! Why would you not? Don’t worry too much about how to say it, just look them in the eye and be sincere. Enjoy the game!


Do you have difficulty tying your shoes and cutting your meat too?


Your are in their home, enjoying their food and drink and time. Doesn’t matter who invited you . You always thank you host. Doesn’t matter if it is a relative or some guy at school, Thanks for having me over Thank you, I had a good time. Thanks, the food was great. Thanks Ifor the great evening.


You should NEVER question anyone about saying Thank you. It is better to say it, then NOT say it. It would be a good expression to say THANK YOU. I ENJOYED MYSELF, when you are just about to leave. In my opinion though, you dont need to say "I hope it is okay I tagged along with my dad" - It sounds like you are not worthy to be there - YOU ARE.

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Just thank them and let them know you had a great time. You don't have to mention anything about the invitation at all--just be sincere. everyone likes sincere!


Yes while leaving the place just say thanks for inviting us was nice


It's not absolutely essential to thank them in so many words, but it IS essential to say something that shows how much you enjoyed the evening, and that you realise they were responsible for your enjoyment.


Yes, thank them. What you say is not as important as acknowledging their hospitality. Say "thanks for hosting this party, I am happy to be here". And if you want to get in good with your uncle's wife, bring some flowers for her.


Sure, thank them. There's no harm in that.


A simple thank-you for their hospitality as you are leaving is all that is required. If a contribution to the refreshments is expected, your Dad will look after that.


Bring some cookies or cupcakes with you as a "thank you" to the host and hostess of the Super Bowl party. A simple "thanks for inviting me" is appropriate for this situation as well.


I think that any of those phrases would be acceptable. If you're unsure, it might be best to ask your mum as she would likely know the best way to approach them.


"Thanks for inviting us."


Yes, thank them when you get there and some when you leave.


just say thanks for having nne, they probably asked your dad to ask you