Was she referring to me?

My friend introduced me to her friend in the fitness class. We are all in the front. After the class, the new friend told me, "Do you know that smell of clothes when you don't dry them properly and you just put them in the cabinet? Somebody's clothes smelled like that. Maybe it was our friend, or it could have been the instructor." Was she trying to say that I was the one who smelled?


Possibly, and they were trying in the most tactful way they could think of, to tell you.


It's possible. So make a special effort to keep your clothes and equipment clean, just in case. Even if she didn't mean you, no harm done.


Apparently your friend didn't know how to tell you so she enlisted the help of another friend.



Kiss Me Kate

I hope not--not exactly the way you make new friends!!! I hope she wasn't that rude--I guess you will learn if she is that kind of person if you hang out more. I doubt your mutual friend asked her to do that--mildewy clothes is not usually a pervasive problem that you'd have to address...


i hate that smell.


she nnightve, nnaybe you should ask her